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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 1995 Num. article: 1995/43

New geminivirus of tomato in Mexico

During 1990, tomato leaves collected in the Culiacan Valley of Sinaloa state, northwestern Mexico, showed crumpling, distortion and yellow mottle symptoms. Molecular studies have revealed the presence of a bipartite genome geminivirus, sap-transmissible to tomato and common bean on which it causes leaf crumpling, epinasty and mottling. The geminivirus has been molecularly characterized and the authors concluded that it differs from other characterized geminiviruses, and is most closely related to tomato mottle, abutilon mosaic and bean dwarf mosaic geminiviruses. The name tomato leaf crumple geminivirus has been proposed. However, the economic importance of this virus in tomato, common bean and possibly other hosts in Mexico is not known, as mixed infections with other geminiviruses may occur.


Paplomatas, E.J.; Patel, V.P.; Hou, Y.M.; Noueiry, A.O., Gilbertson, R.L. (1994) Molecular characterization of a new sap-transmissible bipartite genome geminivirus infecting tomatoes in Mexico.
Phytopathology, 84 (10), 1215-1224.