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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/047

Successful eradication and management actions for invasive alien plants in Andalucía (ES)

In Andalucía (Spain), the ‘Consejería de Medio Ambiante’ (Environmental Council) is responsible for the conservation of biodiversity in the region. A strategy on invasive alien species has been developed by this organization. This strategy includes control of plant populations, eradication campaigns, information on how to prevent new introductions, and a programme on the early detection of more than 40 alien species. Each management action was only initiated after a risk analysis and a cost-benefit analysis were conducted. Some of the successful eradications of invasive alien plants achieved between 2005 and 2008 are presented below, together with the native species which were threatened by them, their endangered status according to IUCN Red List Categories, their habitats, and the final results obtained:

Invasive Alien Plants
Native plants threatened
Agave americana ;(Agavaceae)
Juniperus phoenicea (Cupressaceae) (VU)
Cynomorium coccineum (Cynomoriaceae)(VU)
Sea dunes of the Mediterranean coast
Recovery of native plant community
Carpobrotus spp. (Mesembryanthemaceae) (List of Invasive Alien Plants)
Corema album (Empetraceae) (VU)
Juniperus phoenicea subsp. turbinata (Cupressaceae) (VU)
Juniperus macrocarpa (Cupressaceae) (EN)
Armeria pungens (Plumbaginaceae) (VU)
Limonium emarginatum (Plumbaginaceae) (VU)
Sea dunes of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts;; Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp.;; wooded dunes with Pinus pinea; Vegetated sea cliffs of the Mediterranean coast with endemic Limonium spp.
Recovery of native plant community and of endangered area

A population control was also successfully undertaken:

Alien species
Native species threatened
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (Mesembryanthemaceae)
Senecio alboranicus (Asteraceae) (CR)
Diplotaxis siettiana (Brassicaceae) (CR)
Vegetated sea cliffs of the Mediterranean coast with endemic Limonium spp.
Recovery of native plant community

IUCN Red List Categories:
EN: Endangered; CR: Critically endangered; VU: Vulnerable.


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