EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 1996 Num. article: 1996/181

Changes in telephone numbers in France

As of 1996-10-18 (at 21.00), France will modify its telephone numbering system. You will have to dial the access code for France (33), followed by a 9-digit number. ;However, there will be no fundamental change for numbers in Paris and the Paris region. ;For other regions in France, an extra number will have to be added before the previous 8-digit number: 2 for the North West, 3 for the North East, 4 for the South East and Corsica, 5 for the South West.

To call EPPO, you will still have to dial:

Phone: (33) 1 45 20 77 94
Fax: (33) 1 42 24 89 43


France Telecom, 1996-07.