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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 1996 Num. article: 1996/138

Quarantine treatment against Unaspis yanonensis on Satsuma

A standard quarantine treatment (methyl bromide fumigation) against mealybugs like Planococcus kraunhiae and Pseudococcus citriculus is applied on Satsumas (Citrus unshiu) exported from Japan to USA. Further studies were carried out in Japan to check whether this treatment was also effective against other species like Eotetranychus kankitus, Panonychus citri and Unaspis yanonensis (EPPO A2 quarantine pest), liable to be present on Satsumas. Results showed that the standard fumigation of Satsuma mandarins with methyl bromide (48 g/m3 for 2 hours at 15 °C) was also effective against E. kankitus, P. citri and U. yanonensis.


Mizobuchi, M.; Misumi, T.; Kawakami, F.; Tao, M. (1995) A methyl bromide quarantine treatment to control Eotetranychus kankitus, citrus red mite and arrowhead scale on Satsuma mandarins for export to the United States.
Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service of Japan, 31, 79-82.