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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1996 Num. article: 1996/124

EPPO Electronic Documentation Service : REMINDER!

Many EPPO documents are now available in electronic form. They are available by e-mail at the following address: mail-server@eppo.fr

Current contents
EPPO Reporting Service from January to June 1996 (English and French). File names: rse-9601.doc, rse-9602.doc, rse-9603.doc, rse-9604.doc, rse-9605.doc, rse-9606.doc, rsf-9601.doc, rsf-9602.doc, rsf-9603.doc, rsf-9604.doc, rsf-9605.doc, rsf-9606.doc.
  • EPPO Summaries of phytosanitary regulations
- EU Member States (in 3 parts, in English and French). File names: sue-eua.exe, sue-eub.exe, sue-euc.exe, suf-eua.exe, suf-eub.exe, suf-euc.exe
- Cyprus (English). File name; sue-cy.exe
- Estonia (English). File name: sue-ee.exe
- Israel (English). File name: sue-il.exe
- Latvia (English). File name: sue-lv.exe
- Malta (English). File name: sue-mt.exe
- Russia (English and French). File names: sue-ru.exe, suf-ru.exe
- Ukraine (English): File name: sue-ua.exe
  • Texts of the phytosanitary regulations
- EU Member States (in 3 parts, in English and French). File names: pre-eua.exe, pre-eub.exe, pre-euc.exe, prf-eua.exe, prf-eub.exe, prf-euc.exe
- Estonia (English). File name: pre-ee.exe
- Israel (English). File name: pre-il.exe
- Malta (English). File name: pre-mt.exe
- Russia (English). File name: pre-ru.exe
- Ukraine (French). File name: prf-ua.exe
  • EPPO Data sheets on Quarantine Pests (English and French). File names: dse-doc.exe, dsf-doc.exe
  • EPPO Specific Quarantine Requirements (English and French). File names: sqe-doc.exe, sqf-doc.exe
  • Glossary of Phytosanitary Terms (English and French). File names: gle-doc.exe, glf-doc.exe

How to access EPPO Electronic Documentation
To receive full instructions on how to obtain documents from EPPO Electronic Documentation, send an e-mail message to mail-server@eppo.fr with the following contents:
SEND instructions
Case must be respected, i.e. BEGIN, SEND and END must be in upper case, and instructions in lower case. You will then receive a reply by e-mail containing a plain text document with all information required to use the service. Please let the EPPO Secretariat know about your success and/or difficulties in connecting to the EPPO mail server !


EPPO Secretariat, 1996-06.