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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 1997 Num. article: 1997/224

New EPPO Electronic Documentation Service: reminder

As reported previously, the EPPO Electronic Documentation Service is a mail system (not a Web site) from which you can obtain EPPO files, by sending very simple e-mail messages to the following address: eppo_docs@eppo.fr
1) messages should be kept very simple without signature or greetings.
2) a single message can contain several requests.

How to access the EPPO Electronic Documentation Service
1) Register as a user
EPPO files have been separated into five directories according to the topic concerned:
PPPstandards (EPPO standards on plant protection products)
PQstandards (EPPO standards on plant quarantine)
Regulations (EPPO summaries of phytosanitary regulations and original texts)
Reporting (EPPO Reporting Service)
Publications (various EPPO publications, e.g. data sheets)
To receive the EPPO files, you have first to register as a user of the directory(ies) you are interested in (as many as you want), by sending the following e-mail message to eppo_docs@eppo.fr
Join (name of the directory you want)
Example : Join Reporting
You will receive in return two messages. One is a transaction report which tells you that you successfully joined the chosen directory and the second gives a full explanation on how to obtain the contents of the directory, and then the files. You can join as many directories as you want in a single message.
Example :
Join Reporting
Join Regulations
Join PPPstandards

2) Obtain the contents
Send the following e-mail message to eppo_docs@eppo.fr
Dir (name of the directory you want)
Example: Dir Reporting
You will again receive in return two messages. One is a transaction report which tells you that the command was completed and the second will be entitled (for example) 'directory for the list Reporting', and will list all the file names. Similarly, you can ask for the contents of several directories in a single message.

3) Get the files
Send the following e-mail message to eppo_docs@eppo.fr
Get (name of the directory ; name of the file)
Example: Get Reporting rse-9701.doc
You will again receive in return two messages. One is a transaction report which tells you that the command was completed and the second will contain the requested file as an attachment.
You can obtain several files with a single request.
Example :
Get Reporting rse-9701.doc
Get Reporting rse-9702.doc
Get Regulations pre-cy.exe
Get Regulations sue-ru.exe

Current contents
At present, the current contents are the following, but the EPPO Secretariat is planning to expand the number of documents. Note that the approved FAO standards for phytosanitary measures (ISPM no. 1 to 4) and the glossary of phytosanitary terms have recently been added to the directory ‘Publications’.

  • PPPstandards
The revised EPPO guidelines on efficacy testing on fungicides and bactericides have recently been included. In order to facilitate access to these 112 guideline files, lists (in English
‘listgl-e.doc’ and French ‘listgl-f.doc’) give the title of the guideline and the corresponding file name.

  • PQstandards
EPPO Specific Quarantine Requirements (English and French). File names: sqe-doc.exe, sqf-doc.exe.

  • Regulations
EPPO Summaries of phytosanitary regulations
- Bulgaria (English): File name: sue-bg.exe
- Croatia (English). File name: sue-hr.exe
- Cyprus (English). File name; sue-cy.exe
- Cyprus update (English). File name; sue-cy2.exe
- Estonia (English). File name: sue-ee.exe
- EU Member States (in 3 parts, in English and French). File names: sue-eua.exe, sue-eub.exe, sue-euc.exe, suf-eua.exe, suf-eub.exe, suf-euc.exe
- Guernsey (English).File name: sue-gv.exe
- Hungary (English). File name;: sue-hu.exe
- Israel (English). File name: sue-il.exe
- Latvia (English). File name: sue-lv.exe
- Lithuania (English). File name: sue-lt.exe
- Malta (English). File name: sue-mt.exe
- Morocco (English). File name: sue-ma.exe
- Norway (English). File name;: sue-no.exe
- Poland (English). File name: sue-pl.exe
- Romania (English). File name: sue-ro.exe
- Russia (English and French). File names: sue-ru.exe, suf-ru.exe
- Slovakia (English). File name: sue-sk.exe
- Slovenia (English). File name;: sue-si.exe
- Tunisia (English). File name: sue-tn.exe
- Turkey (English). File name: sue-tr.exe
- Ukraine (English). File name: sue-ua.exe
Texts of phytosanitary regulations
- Croatia (English). File name: pre-hr.exe
- Cyprus (English). File name: pre-cy.exe
- Estonia (English). File name: pre-ee.exe
- EU Member States (in 3 parts, in English and French). File names: pre-eua.exe, pre-eub.exe, pre-euc.exe, prf-eua.exe, prf-eub.exe, prf-euc.exe
- Hungary (English). File name: pre-hu.exe
- Israel (English). File name: pre-il.exe
- Lithuania (English). File name: pre-lt.exe
- Malta (English). File name: pre-mt.exe
- Morocco (French). File name: prf-ma.exe
- Norway (English). File name: pre-no.exe
- Poland (English). File name: pre-pl.exe
- Russia (English). File name: pre-ru.exe
- Slovakia (English). File name: pre-sk.exe
- Slovenia (English). File name: pre-si.exe
- Turkey (English). File name: pre-tr.exe
- Turkey update (English). File name: pre-tr2.exe
- Ukraine (French). File name: prf-ua.exe
  • Reporting
EPPO Reporting Service for 1996 (English and French). File names: rse-9601.doc,
rse-9602.doc, rse-9603.doc, rse-9604.doc, rse-9605.doc, rse-9606.doc, rse-9607.doc,
rse-9608.doc, rse-9609.doc, rse-9610.doc, rse-9611.doc, rse-12.exe, rse-1996.exe (single file which contains all articles published in 1996). rsf-9601.doc, rsf-9602.doc,
rsf-9603.doc, rsf-9604.doc, rsf-9605.doc, rsf-9606.doc, rsf-9607.doc, rsf-9608.doc,
rsf-9609.doc, rsf-9610.doc, rsf-9611.doc, rsf-9612.exe, rsf-1996.exe
EPPO Reporting service for 1997 (January to November). File names: rse-9701.doc,
rse-97-02.doc, rse-9703.doc, rse-9704.doc, rse9705.doc, rs9706.doc, rs9707.doc, rs9708.doc, rs9709.doc, rs9710.doc, rs9711.doc, rsf-9701.doc, rsf-9702.doc, rsf-9703.doc, rsf-9704.doc, rsf-9705.doc, rsf-9706.doc, rsf-9707.doc, rsf-9708.doc, rsf-9709.doc, rsf-9710.doc,

  • Publications
Data sheets in English and French (first edition of Quarantine Pests for Europe):
dse-doc.exe and dsf-doc.exe. In the near future, these will be replaced by data sheets of the second edition.
FAO International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (in English and French)
- Principles of plant quarantine as related to international trade. Files names: ispm1.doc (English); nimp1.doc (French).
- Guidelines for pest risk analysis. Files names: ispm2.doc (English); nimp2.doc (French).
- Code of conduct for the import and release of exotic biological control agents. Files names: ispm3.doc (English); nimp3.doc (French).
- Requirements for the establishment of pest-free areas. Files names: ispm4.doc (English); nimp4.doc (French).
Glossary of phytosanitary terms (English and French versions together in a single file called glo-ef.doc), which corresponds to the EPPO Technical Document no. 1026 of 1996-10.

Please let the EPPO Secretariat know about your success and/or difficulties in connecting to this new information system.


EPPO Secretariat, 1997-11.