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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 1997 Num. article: 1997/175

Survey on bois noir and grapevine flavescence dorée phytoplasmas in Spain

A survey was carried out in 1994/1996 in the north-east of Spain (Aragón, Cataluña, Navarra) to determine the incidence of bois noir phytoplasma. The incidence of the disease was estimated for each sampling site by visual inspection and samples from symptomatic grapevines were collected in order to characterize the phytoplasma involved. In 1994 and 1995, only bois noir phytoplasma was detected. In Cataluña, bois noir phytoplasma was found in 5 plots out of 15, with a low incidence (3-14 %). In Navarra, 2 plots out of 10 were found infected with a high incidence (60-80 %). Bois noir phytoplasma was not found in Aragón. In 1996, grapevine flavescence dorée phytoplasma (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) was detected in a large number of plots in the north-east of Cataluña (see EPPO RS 97/113).


Laviña, A.; Batlle, A.; Larrue, J.; Clair, D.; Boudon-Padieu, E. (1997) Incidence and dissemination of grapevine bois noir phytoplasma.
Proceedings of the 10th Congress of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, 1997-06-01/05, Montpellier (FR), 237-240.