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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 1997 Num. article: 1997/149

Fungal diseases of forest trees in the coastal region of Croatia

Surveys have been carried out for many years in the coastal region of Croatia (Istrian Peninsula, Primorje and Dalmatia) on fungal diseases of forest trees. Mycosphaerella dearnessii (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) was reported for the first time in 1979 in Crvena Luka on Pinus halepensis (under the name Scirrhia acicola). At present, it is found in a wide region of Dalmatia on P. halepensis, but is not as aggressive as described in the USA. Serious needle cast has only been observed in P. halepensis plantations with dense canopy, dense vegetation of shrubs under the trees and in conditions of high air humidity. Mycosphaerella pini (EU Annex II/A2) is also present in Croatia (the EPPO Secretariat had previously no information on this fungus in Croatia) mainly on P. nigra, but also on other pine species. The disease is more intense in humid sites with excessively dense canopies. Cryphonectria parasitica (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) has been present in Croatia since the 1950s. It can be found in Istria, on the north-eastern side of the Cres island and to a small extent on the eastern part of Krk island. However, the intensity of the disease is less on the coastal region than in the continental part of Croatia.


Novak-Agbaba, S.; Halambek, M. (1997) The most important plant diseases on forest trees in the coastal region of Croatia.
Proceedings of the 10th Congress of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, 1997-06-01/05, Montpellier (FR), 67-73