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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 1997 Num. article: 1997/79

EPPO Distribution List of Erwinia amylovora

The second edition of 'Quarantine Pests for Europe' mentions erroneously the occurrence of ;Erwinia amylovora (EPPO A2 quarantine organism) in Slovakia. This record came from the IMI map no.2 (1993) which refered to a Czech paper (Kudela, V. (1988) [Erwinia amylovora - causal agent of fireblight on rosaceous plants in Czechoslovakia] Ochrana Rostlin, 24(3), 173-182.). But when examining this paper, it only mentions the first outbreak of fireblight in Czecoslavakia, in Prague (now Czech Republic). This would mean that the record on in IMI map is erroneous. The Plant Protection Service of Slovakia has very recently confirmed that fireblight has never been found in Slovakia (see also EPPO RS 97/009). The distribution list is, at current knowledge of the EPPO secretariat as follows:

EPPO Distribution List: Erwinia amylovora

EPPO region: Albania (RS 96/074), Austria (few reports under eradication, RS 94/172), Bosnia ; Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (RS 457), Czech Republic (RS 94/046), Denmark, Egypt (new outbreaks from 1983, following a much earlier outbreak in 1964 - RS 467), France (except south-east), Germany, Greece (including Crete), Hungary (few reports, under eradication), Ireland (RS 472), Israel (RS 459), Italy (Emilia-Romagna (RS 95/114), Puglia, Sicilia - RS 511), Lebanon (RS 498), Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway (RS 471), Poland, Romania, Spain (one focus, under eradication), Sweden (RS 477), Switzerland (few reports, under eradication), Turkey, UK (RS 484; England), Yugoslavia (Serbia only). The disease has been officially declared as eradicated in Northern Ireland (UK). In the EPPO RS 95/055, Ukraine states that E. amylovora is not present, and denies previous unconfirmed reports.

Africa: Egypt.

Asia: Armenia (RS 506/08), China (unconfirmed), Cyprus, India (on rose and therefore dubious), Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Korea Republic (unconfirmed), Saudi Arabia (unconfirmed), Turkey, Vietnam (unconfirmed). The situation in Japan needs clarification, but there is some indication that the disease may be present (RS 96/108).

North America: Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, USA.

Central America and Caribbean: Guatemala (unconfirmed).

South America: Colombia (unconfirmed). The record in Chile cited in the first edition of the EPPO data sheet is an error.

Oceania: New Zealand.

This distribution list replaces all previously published EPPO distribution lists for E. amylovora.


EPPO Secretariat, 1997-04.