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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1997 Num. article: 1997/53

New virus-like disease of cherry observed in Italy

A new disease of cherry (Prunus avium) has been observed in Campania (southern Italy). Symptoms are characterized by chlorotic spots which later develop a rusty appearance, small and deformed fruits with colour alterations, and tree decline. Studies were carried out to identify the causal agent. It seems that the disease is induced by a virus- or viroid-like agent, as 12 dsRNAs and one or two small, circular RNAs have been consistently isolated from symptomatic cherry plants. The disease is spreading naturally in infected areas, although no vector could be identified for the moment. The authors proposed to call it cherry chlorotic rusty spot.


Di Serio, F.; Flores, R.; Ragozzino (1996) Cherry chlorotic rusty spot: description of a new viruslike disease from cherry and studies on its etiologic agent.
Plant Disease, 80(10), 1203-1206.