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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2009 Num. article: 2009/174

Anoplophora chinensis detected in Germany

Anoplophora chinensis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae – EPPO A1 List) was observed for the first time in Germany in June 2008. Single findings of recently hatched beetles were made on imported plants of Acer palmatum but did not lead to the establishment of the pest. Infested plants were subsequently destroyed and no further findings were made (EPPO RS 2008/115 and 2008/156). However, isolated findings have been again reported by the German NPPO.

  • Berlin
On 2009-07-06, 1 living beetle was found in a hedgerow in Berlin-Pankow (Bundesland Berlin), and it was identified as A. chinensis. A survey has been carried out around the place of finding. No symptoms on plants and no further beetles could be detected. The source of this introduction is unknown, but it is noted that in May/June 2008 a supermarket chain had sold approximately 10 000 Acer palmatum plants imported from China in Berlin and its surroundings. During this period, several similar consignments imported from China had been notified in Bayern and Nordrhein-Westfalen due to infestations by A. chinensis. Leaflets, press releases and the internet were used to inform the public and relevant stakeholders.

  • Hesse
On 2009-06-20, 1 living beetle of A. chinensis was found on a balcony in Hanau (Bundensland Hesse). On this balcony, a potted plant of Acer palmatum showed a fresh exit hole. The plant was dead at that time but it had been sold by a garden centre in spring 2008. The origin of the plant is unknown. The public and relevant stakeholders have been informed and a survey has been carried out around the place of finding. No further beetles and no further symptoms on plants have been detected. The pest status of Anoplophora chinensis in Bundesland Hesse (DE) is officially declared as: Transient, single finding, non actionable; surveillance ongoing.

The situation of Anoplophora chinensis in Germany can be described as follows: Transient, isolated findings were made in 2008 and 2009, all infested plants were destroyed.


NPPO of Germany, 2009-08 and 2009-09.