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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/204

8th International Workshop on Fire Blight, Kusadasi (TR)

The 8th International Workshop on Fire Blight took place in Kusadasi (TR), on 1998-10-12/15, and many papers and posters have been presented on the following topics: 1) spread, detection and quarantine, 2) resistance: breeding and biotechnology, 3) cellular and molecular biology, 4) etiology and epidemiology, 5) new control options. The EPPO Secretariat extracted the following information:

  • In the Republic of Korea, a new Erwinia species isolated from necrotic Asian pear trees (Pyrus pyrifolia) has been characterized by using microbiological and molecular tools. Although closely related to E. amylovora, it appears as a distinct species and has been named Erwinia pyrifoliae. (Kim et al., 1998; p 37).

  • The effect of cool storage on the survival of E. amylovora on apple fruit (mature, export quality apples cv. Gala) has been studied in New Zealand. Results showed that cool storage (at 0°C+0.5°C) for a period of 25 days either in the laboratory or in a commercial packhouse reduced the survival of E. amylovora in calyxes of both inoculated and naturally infested fruit. Populations of E. amylovora did not increase to levels detectable by PCR in fruit which were cool-stored and then incubated at room temperature (approximately 20°C) for 14 days to simulate retail conditions. The conclusion was that cool-stored, mature, export quality apple fruits are not likely to be a pathway for introducing E. amylovora. (Hale ; Taylor, 1998; p 26).

  • In New Zealand, studies have shown that the apple leaf curling midge, Dasineura mali, plays a role in the spread of E. amylovora in apple orchards. The importance of control of insect vectors in apple nurseries and orchards in order to control fireblight is stressed. (Chin Gouk ; Boyd, 1998; p 95)

  • In eastern Oregon and southwest Idaho, natural incidence of fireblight was observed in commercial orchards of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina cvs. Fortune, Friar, Black Amber and Freedom). (Mohan ; Bijman, 1998; p 27).


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Abstracts of papers presented at the 8th International Workshop on Fire Blight, Kusadasi (TR), 1998-10-12/15.