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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/183

First report of Frankliniella occidentalis in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, thrips were collected in several nurseries (respectively, 6 ornamental plant, 3 orchid and 3 cut-flower nurseries) and 2 botanical gardens, from January to February 1996. Among 23 thrips species observed, Frankliniella occidentalis (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) was found on Alstroemeria and Gypsophila. According to the authors, this is the first report of F. occidentalis in Sri Lanka.


Oda, Y.; Kahawatta, U.C.; Rajapaksha, J.P.; Rajapaksha, H. (1997) Thrips collected in Sri Lanka.
Research Bulletin of the Plant Protection Service, Japan, no. 33, 71-73.