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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/166

Finding of Crypturaphis grassii in United Kingdom

An aphid species Crypturaphis grassii has recently been reported for the first time in the south of England, UK. The aphids have been found on trees of Italian alder (Alnus cordata) at single locations in the counties of Avon, Essex and Greater London. Although these locations are quite widely spaced, the host tree is uncommon and only occurs in parks, gardens and beside main roads.
Crypturaphis grassii is a Mediterranean species (around the Tyrrhenian Sea) and it can be found where Alnus cordata occurs. In Italy, its presence has been observed in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicilia. It has also been found in Corse (FR). This species is apparently not very well known. A. cordata is the only host plant, C. grassii does not cause leaf deformations and trees will only show feeding damage in cases of very high infestations (di Chiara et al., 1990).


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Plant Health Division, UK, 1998-08.

Di Chiara, S.R.; Rapisarda, C.; Russo, A.; Zagami, S. (1990) [Some insects feeding on alder (Alnus cordata) in Calabria.]
Informatore Fitopatologico, 40(3), 25-30.