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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/154

Trapping studies for Rhagoletis mendax

Rhagoletis mendax (EPPO A1 quarantine pest) is generally considered as the most important pest of commercially grown blueberries (Vaccinium angustifolium, V. corymbosum) in the eastern and mid-western USA. Studies were carried out on trapping methods, in order to monitor adult fruit-fly populations and apply chemical treatments at appropriate timing. Several types of traps were tested. Yellow, green, red and glue sphere traps (9 cm diameter) were found to be equal or better than yellow sticky traps (Pherocon AM). To be most effective, yellow sticky traps had to be placed in a ‘V’ orientation (sticky surface facing down) and not in a vertical position. Both spheres and yellow sticky traps baited with ammonia captured more flies than unbaited traps which may suggests that ammonia is the main factor over trap shape or colour. It was observed that more females than males were captured on ammonia-baited traps, which is consistent with the assumption that females seek a protein source for egg maturation. The authors concluded that growers can be recommended to use either yellow sticky traps (Pherocon AM) in a ‘V’ orientation or coloured spheres, both baited with ammonia, to trap R. mendax.


Liburd, O.E.; Alm, R.S.; Casagrande, R.A.; Polavarapu, S. (1998) Effect of trap color, bait, shape and orientation in attraction of blueberry maggot (Diptera: Tephritidae) flies.
Journal of Economic Entomology, 91(1), 243-249.