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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/137

EPPO Electronic Documentation Service: new files are available

All published EPPO standards on Good Plant protection Practice are now available as files (in English and French) from eppo_docs@eppo.

  • Principles of good plant protection practice (File name: Gpp01-e.doc (English), Gpp01-f.doc (French))
  • Potato (File name: Gpp02-e.doc (English), Gpp02-f.doc (French))
  • Glasshouse lettuce (File name: Gpp03-e.doc (English), Gpp03-f.doc (French))
  • Allium crops (File name: Gpp04-e.doc (English), Gpp04-f.doc (French))
  • Rodent control for crop protection and on farms (File name: Gpp05-e.doc (English), Gpp05-f.doc (French))
  • Hop (File name: Gpp06-e.doc (English), Gpp06-f.doc (French))
  • Vegetable brassicas (File name: Gpp07-e.doc (English), Gpp07-f.doc (French))
  • Rape (File name: Gpp08-e.doc (English), Gpp08-f.doc (French))
  • Strawberry (File name: Gpp09-e.doc (English), Gpp09-f.doc (French))

The Phytosanitary Regulations of Jordan (original text) can also be obtained (in English - File name: Pre-jo.exe

As decided by the EPPO Panel on Quarantine Information, the EPPO Reporting Service is now sent each month, automatically, to registered users. For back issues, it will still be necessary to send e-mail messages to eppo_docs@eppo.fr.

The EPPO Electronic Documentation is an e-mail system (not a Web site) from which you can obtain EPPO files, by sending very simple e-mail messages to the following address: eppo_docs@eppo.fr. For instructions see our last issue of the EPPO Reporting Service (EPPO RS 98/118).


EPPO Secretariat, 1998-07.