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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/120

First record of Diaphorina citri in Guadeloupe

In January 1998, Diaphorina citri (EPPO A1 quarantine pest), a vector of citrus greening bacterium (EPPO A1 quarantine pest), was found for the first time in the overseas French département of Guadeloupe (GP). Adults and larvae were found in rather high numbers in two gardens in Baie-Mahault-La Jaille and Lamentin-Bréfort, on young shoots of orange, mandarin and tangelo trees. Surveys will be carried out in Guadeloupe on citrus, and also on Murraya which is probably a natural host of D. citri. In parallel, citrus plants will be tested (testing on susceptible hosts, electron microscopy) for citrus greening bacterium which has so far not been found in Guadeloupe. The introduction of a parasitoid (Tamarixia radiata) is envisaged to limit the populations of D. citri. The authors stressed that the record of D. citri in Guadeloupe is also the first for the Caribbean. (EPPO note: in the Americas, D. citri has only been found in Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay, and citrus greening bacterium does not occur). They felt that this insect represents a serious threat for citrus-growing countries of the region (e.g. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Florida (US)) which should actively make surveys in order to take rapid measures if needed.


Etienne, J.; Burckhardt, D.; Grapin, C. (1998) Diaphorina citri (Kuwayama) en Guadeloupe, premier signalement pour les Caraïbes.
Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France, 103(1), p 32.