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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 1998 Num. article: 1998/105

Comparison of PCR and monoclonal antibodies to identify D and M serotypes of plum pox potyvirus

The isolates of plum pox potyvirus (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) can be divided into four groups separated by serological, molecular and epidemiological properties. By using polyclonal antibodies, two major serotypes were first identified: PPV-D (Dideron) and PPV-M (Marcus). Clear epidemiological differences are observed in the field between them: PPV-M isolates appear to attack peach more easily and spread more rapidly than PPV-D. Monoclonal antibodies and PCR were later developed to differentiate these two types of isolates. Two other minor groups of isolates have been identified: PPV-El Amar which shows different serological properties, and PPV-SoC (cherry) which occurs on sweet and sour cherry. Large scale studies were carried out to compare the use of monoclonal antibodies and PCR to identify the isolates belonging to these four groups. 84 isolates were studied, covering the whole host range of PPV and its geographical distribution. An excellent correlation between the results given by ELISA-DASI (with PPV-D and PPV-M specific monoclonal antibodies) and by PCR was obtained. Very few exceptions were observed, and these corresponded to unusual isolates. However, isolates belonging to PPV-El Amar and PPV-SoC gave diverging results, indicating that the current typing assays are not suitable for them.


Candresse, T.; Cambra, M.; Dallot, S.; Lanneau, M.; Asensio, M.; Morris, M.T.; Revers, F.; Macquaire, G.; Olmos, A.; Boscia, D.; Quiot, J.B.; Dunez, J. (1998) Comparison of monoclonal antibodies and polymerase chain reaction assays for the typing of isolates belonging to the D and M serotypes of plum pox potyvirus.
Phytopathology, 88(3), 198-212.