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EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 1999 Num. article: 1999/186

The BioPesticide Manual

The first edition of the BioPesticide Manual has recently been published by BCPC. It is divided into five sections according to the type of biopesticide:
Natural products (30 naturally-occurring chemicals which have been commercialised for use in crop protection strategies)
Pheromones (45 pheromones used in mating disruption, lure and kill, or insect monitoring strategies)
Living systems (60 baculoviruses, protozoa, bacteria, fungi, and nematodes widely used in crop protection)
Insect predators (40 insects (predators and parasites) that are commercially sold and used to control insects and mites in glasshouse and field crops)
Genes (information on genes (and their gene products) which have been used to transform crops)

For each entry, information is provided on the nature, origin, mode of action, use, commercial availability, mammalian toxicology and environmental impact.

EPPO welcomes the publication of this manual, which is the first of which we are aware that presents biological control agents as commercial products for practical use. The information provided largely fills the need defined by the EPPO Panel on Introduction of Biological Control Agents for fact sheets on the extent and safety of practical use of such agents.

The first edition of the BioPesticide Manual edited by L.G. Copping (1998) is available from:
BCPC Publication Sales
Bear Farm, Binfield, Bracknell,
Berks RG 42 5QE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 118 934 2727 - ; Fax: +44 118 934 1998
E-mail: publications@bcpc.org
Internet: www.bcpc.org

Price: 85 GBP in the UK including postage or 135 Euro (90 GBP, 155 USD) elsewhere.


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