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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 1999 Num. article: 1999/036

New data on geminiviruses

By browsing through the abstracts of papers presented at the APS/ESA Joint Annual Meeting (Las Vegas, US, 1998-11-08/12), the EPPO Secretariat has extracted the following data concerning geminiviruses*1.

  • Bean calico mosaic geminivirus which was found on bean in Sonora, Mexico, is considered as a distinct virus. It is most closely related to the geminivirus cluster including squash leaf curl, cabbage leaf curl and Texas pepper geminiviruses (S11a).

  • Koch's postulates have been verified for chino del tomate geminivirus. It is a distinct geminivirus with closest affiliation to the Abutilon mosaic geminivirus cluster (S11b).

  • Tabasco pepper plant samples showing leaf distortion and yellow mottle symptoms were collected from several farms in the south-west region of Costa Rica. Molecular studies showed that it could possibly be a new geminivirus. It is transmitted by Bemisia tabaci biotype B. It has been tentatively called pepper yellow mottle geminivirus (S21).

  • Three whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses were identified on tomatoes in Puerto Rico during 1991-1998. These viruses are transmitted by Bemisia tabaci biotype B.
- Merremia mosaic geminivirus (previously known to cause a yellow mosaic on the weeds Merremia quinquefolia and M. aegyptia)
- Potato yellow mosaic geminivirus
- Tomato mottle geminivirus (S42).

* For more information on tomato geminiviruses in the Americas see also EPPO RS 98/044.


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