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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 1999 Num. article: 1999/015

News from the SPS Committee: 'Official control' in Japan

According to information from the IPPC Secretariat, the USA made a submission to the SPS Committee of WTO at its meeting of 1998-09-15/16. This indicated satisfaction that the list of non-quarantine pests of Japan (currently identifying 36 pests, mostly common storage pests) is proposed to be extended by 27 additional pests. All these non-quarantine pests are not subject to phytosanitary measures if intercepted on commodities arriving in Japan. Nevertheless, the USA notes that there are many other widely distributed pests in Japan, not included in the list of non-quarantine pests, which are subject to phytosanitary measures if intercepted. The USA considers that this severely limits trade for certain commodities (especially lettuce). Japan considers that certain of these pests are quarantine pests because they are being officially controlled. It is understood that this 'official control' consists of government advice to farmers concerning the timing and size of pest appearances and outbreaks, and their control. The USA believes that this interpretation is inconsistent with the meaning and intent of the IPPC definition. In earlier discussions of 'official control' within EPPO, it has not been envisaged that this concept could be extended in the manner suggested by Japan. The use of this term will be discussed by the forthcoming IPPC Working Group on the glossary of Phytosanitary Terms.


IPPC Secretariat, 1999-01.