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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2000 Num. article: 2000/142

Venturia nashicola is a distinct species from V. pirina

The relationships between Venturia nashicola (EU Annexes) and V. pirina were re-examined. Morphological studies showed that the ascospores of V. pirina were longer and wider than those of V. nashicola and that the conidia of V. nashicola were significantly shorter than those of V. pirina. Mating experiments demonstrated sexual isolation between the two species. Pathogenicity tests showed that V. nashicola was only pathogenic on Japanese and Chinese pears (Pyrus pyrifolia, P. ussuriensis) and V. pirina was only pathogenic on European pear (P. communis). The conclusion was that V. ;nashicola is a distinct species from V. pirina.
Note: Several years ago, V. nashicola was not accepted on the EPPO quarantine lists because it was considered as a synonym of V. pirina. The quarantine status of V. nashicola may need to be discussed again within EPPO.


Ishii, H.; Yanase, H. (2000) Venturia nashicola, the scab fungus of Japanese and Chinese pears: a species distinct from V. pirina.
Mycological Research, 104(6), 755-759.