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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2000 Num. article: 2000/037

Radopholus citrophilus considered again as a synonym of R. similis

In the past Radopholus citrophilus (EPPO A1 quarantine pest) was first considered as a race of Radopholus similis (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) attacking banana but not citrus. It was then proposed to consider R. citrophilus as a distinct species from R. similis, on the basis of differences in isoenzymes, proteins and sexual behaviour. However, more recently it had been suggested again that R. citrophilus was a synonym of R. similis (see EPPO RS 98/093). Further studies were carried out on 10 Radopholus populations from different locations in Africa (Ghana, Guinea, South Africa, Sudan and Uganda). These populations were isolated from banana roots and soil, and multiplied in the laboratory. In this study, it was observed that characters considered as diagnostic for the separation of R. similis and R. citrophilus showed variation and overlapping. The conclusion of the authors was that R. citrophilus should be regarded as a synonym of R. similis.


El-Badri, G.A.A.; Geraert, E.; Moens, M. (1999) Morphological differences among Radopholus populations (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from banana in Africa.
Journal of Nematode Morphology and Systematics, 2(1), 1-16 (abstract).