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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2000 Num. article: 2000/012

More details on potato latent carlavirus

As reported in EPPO RS 99/027, a new virus called potato latent carlavirus (EPPO Alert List) has been reported on potato. In 1992, the Scottish Agricultural Service Agency discovered a symptomless carlavirus in potato germplasm (Solanum tuberosum cv. Red LaSoda) imported from USA. This new virus has been purified, further studied and monoclonal antibodies have been developed to detect it specifically. Purified virus particles are straight or slightly curved with a mean size of 690 nm. Potato latent carlavirus has been detected in 7 additional cultivar accessions in the Vancouver Collection of virus-free potatoes (Canada): cvs Pembina Chipper, Pungo (in 1994), Kanona, Red Pontiac (in 1995), Purple Chief, Denali and Tejon in 1996. The virus was not detected in the 270 and 267 cultivars tested in 1997 and 1998, respectively. Field samples from 137 cultivars in the US Varietal Collection were tested in June 1997 and 1998, only the following cultivars: High Plains, Platte and Red LaSoda were positive. The authors felt that potato latent carlavirus has probably been present in Red LaSoda grown in USA and Canada since 1993.


Goth, R.W.; Ellis, P.J.; de Villiers, G.; Goins, E.W.; Wright, N.S. (1999) Characteristics and distribution of potato latent carlavirus (Red LaSoda) virus in North America.
Plant Disease, 83(8), 751-753.