EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2001 Num. article: 2001/139

Absence of Ralstonia solanacearum in Czech Republic

A survey on Ralstonia solanacearum (EPPO A2 quarantine pest) has been conducted in Czech Republic since 1999. From the 1999 harvest: 2537 samples of potato tubers (2238 seed- and 299 ware potatoes) originated from Czech Republic, and 1272 samples of imported potatoes were tested. All samples were tested by the laboratory of State Phytosanitary Administration. The IF test was used as the official screening test, and in any suspicious case, a biological test on tomatoes was performed. All results were negative, R. solanacearum was not found during this survey.
The situation of R. solanacearum in Czech Republic can be described as follows: Absent, never recorded.


NPPO of CZ, 2001-09.