EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2001 Num. article: 2001/052

Iris yellow spot tospovirus causes a new disease on lisianthus in Israel

Iris yellow spot tospovirus (EPPO Alert List) has been reported on several monocotyledonous hosts: onions (Allium cepa) in Israel and Brazil, Hippeastrum in Israel and Iris hollandica in the Netherlands. In Israel, during 1999, lisianthus (Eustoma russellianum) plants grown in the field (in the Besor area) showed unusual symptoms. These were characterized by necrotic spots, rings on leaves and stems, and apical necrosis. The causal agent was identified as Iris yellow spot tospovirus, and Koch’s postulates were fulfilled. This is the first time that Iris yellow spot tospovirus is reported on a dicotyledonous host. It is noted that the outbreak on lisianthus in Israel is sporadic and limited, whereas the disease on onions has an important economic impact.


Kritzman, A.; Beckleman, H.; Alexandrow, S.; Cohen, J.; Lampel, M.; Zeidan, M.; Raccah, B.; Gera, A. (2000) Lisianthus leaf necrosis: a new disease of lisianthus caused by iris yellow spot virus.
Plant Disease, 84(11), 1185-1189.