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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2011 Num. article: 2011/121

24th IWGO Conference & 3rd International Conference of Diabrotica Genetics (Freiburg, DE, 2011-10-24/26)

The 24th IWGO Conference and the 3rd International Conference of Diabrotica Genetics will take place in Freiburg, Germany on 2011-10-24/26. The following topics will be discussed:
  • Emerging concerns for western corn rootworm resistance development to Bt in the Corn Belt of the USA
  • Exploring gene flow in Diabrotica across space, time, and species
  • Developing genetic and genomic resources for rootworms and their implications to sustainable pest management
  • Reproductive biology of maize pests and the implications on pest management
  • Genetically-engineered maize: Current issues
  • Wireworm biology and control strategies in maize
  • Does Diabrotica virgifera virgifera control pay? On the economic benefits and costs of regulations and control measures
  • New products/methods for IPM of Ostrinia and Diabrotica in modern maize production systems
  • Population dynamics of maize pests and implications for pest management
  • Behaviour and ecology of belowground herbivores on maize
  • Corn borer control and Trichogramma: new research and implementation insights
  • Biological control of Diabrotica using entomopathogenic nematodes: current progress and remaining challenges

Papers and posters can be submitted until 2011-07-25.
Online registration is available at: http://www.iwgo.org/freiburg2011/registration.html


EPPO Secretariat (2011-06).