EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2014 Num. article: 2014/121

Ludwigia grandiflora and L. peploides, a target for biological control in Europe

Ludwigia grandiflora and L. peploides (Onagraceae, EPPO A2 List) are invasive alien aquatic plants originating from South America which have detrimental effects on aquatic ecosystems. These species are increasingly spreading in the EPPO region and are extremely difficult to manage once large scale control is required. Biological control would represent a suitable management option for these species and is currently being explored by CABI. Promising natural enemies have already been identified in the native range of the species. Host range studies tailored to Europe are now required to determine the safety and potential of these agents.


Shaw RH (2014) Ludwigia – a prime target for biocontrol in Europe. Abstract of the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Weeds and Invasive Plants, Montpellier (FR), 2014-06-19-23.