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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2011 Num. article: 2011/118

Pepino mosaic virus detected in Campania region (IT)

The NPPO of Italy recently informed the EPPO Secretariat of the finding of Pepino mosaic virus (Potexvirus, PepMV - EPPO Alert List) in Campania region. PepMV was detected in 2 adjacent tomato greenhouses (on Lycopersicon esculentum cv. ‘Pixel F1’) located in the municipality of Gragnano (Province of Napoli). Surveys have been intensified in the surrounding area to determine the extent of the infestation and define appropriate phytosanitary measures.
The situation of Pepino mosaic virus in Italy can be described as follows: Present, few records, under official control.


NPPO of Italy (2011-01).