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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2014 Num. article: 2014/036

New book on ‘Insects and diseases damaging trees and shrubs of Europe’

A new colour atlas on ‘Insects and diseases damaging trees and shrubs of Europe’ was published in 2013. It has been prepared with the collaboration of many scientists, and edited by Milan Zùbrik, Andrej Kunca and György Csòka. It is mainly addressed to specialists, professional practitioners and students in forestry or in park and garden management. The book is available in English or in French.

Zùbrik M, Kunca A, Csòka G (eds.) (2013) Insects and diseases damaging trees and shrubs of Europe. NAP Editions, 535 pp.

This atlas covers more than 1;100 species of pests causing damage to trees and shrubs in Europe and is illustrated by more than 4;300 pictures. Pests are presented in the order of their host plants (i.e. from Abies alba to Viburnum spp.). For each pest, colour photographs and a brief description (scientific name, common names in English (or French), life cycle, significance and broad distribution) are presented.

This colour atlas can be ordered from:
http://www.napeditions.com/en/ (English version)
http://www.napeditions.com/fr/ (French version)


EPPO Secretariat (2014-01).