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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2013 Num. article: 2013/223

Aproceros leucopoda found for the first time in the Autonomous province of Trento (IT)

In Italy, Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae – EPPO Alert List) was first found in 2009 on elm trees (Ulmus spp.) in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region (EPPO RS 2011/198). In July 2013, an outbreak was detected in 2 municipalities (Grigno and Ospedaletto) in the Autonomous province of Trento. The infestation was incidentally detected on elm trees in the riparian area along the river Brenta (along approximately 10 km). It is estimated that the crown defoliation reached up to 70-80%. The source of this infestation remains unknown. For the moment, no specific measures have been taken against the pest. However, surveys will be conducted to determine the extent of the infestation.
The pest status of Aproceros leucopoda in Italy is officially declared as: Present, only in some areas of Northeastern Italy.


NPPO of Italy (2013-09).