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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2013 Num. article: 2013/206

Israel’s list of least wanted alien ornamental plant species

A list of the least wanted alien ornamental plants in Israel has been prepared for use by landscape architects, gardeners, environmentalists, ecologists, foresters and the general public.
The list allows users to check whether an alien plant species has a high invasive potential in Israel and may pose a threat to local ecosystems, in order to dissuade people from using it in planting and landscaping projects. The main objective of the list is to prevent the use of plants that might become invasive in natural ecosystems in Israel’s various regions.
The list includes 141 species which are considered to have high invasive potential for Israel, of which 45 are not observed in Israel, 48 are introduced in Israel but not observed outside the places in which they are grown/planted, 17 are casual, 8 are naturalized and 23 are currently exhibiting invasive behaviour.


Dufour-Dror JM (2013) Israel’s least wanted alien ornamental plant species. Ornamental plants potentially invasive in Israel’s natural ecosystems. 19 p.