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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2013 Num. article: 2013/162

Conference ‘Non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic’, Ostend (BE), 2013-11-20/22

The Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO) is organizing, in cooperation with Vliz, Museum (MUMM) and UGent, a conference on ‘Non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic’ in Ostend (BE) on 2013-11-20/22.

The conference will include the following topics:
Session 1: What is the reason for the success of non-indigenous species and what are their vectors
Session 2: Structural biodiversity
Session 3: What are the threats for the environment, economy and security?
Session 4: Functional biodiversity
Session 5: Assessing the risks of non-indigenous species
Session 6: Control and early warning systems
Session 7: Non-indigenous species, are there opportunities?

Conference website: http://www.ilvo.vlaanderen.be/Default.aspx?alias=www.ilvo.vlaanderen.be/nisconference2013


EPPO Secretariat (2013-07).