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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2013 Num. article: 2013/086

First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tomato spotted wilt virus (Tospovirus, TSWV – EPPO A2 List) is reported for the first time from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June and July 2012, virus symptoms were observed in glasshouse gloxinia plants (Sinningia speciosa) at Lijevče polje, near Banja Luka. Infected plants showed chlorotic ring spots, chlorotic and necrotic patterns, leaf necrosis and deformation. In this glasshouse, 400 plants were inspected and it was estimated that the disease incidence reached approximately 30%. Symptomatic leaf samples were collected and tested (DAS-ELISA, RT-PCR, sequencing). TSWV was detected in 27 out of the 30 tested gloxinia samples. It was concluded that more studies are needed to determine the distribution and incidence of TSWV in susceptible host plants in the country.
The situation of Tomato spotted wilt virus in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be described as follows: Present, first found in glasshouse Sinningia speciosa near Banja Luka in 2012.


Trkulja V, Mihić Salapura J, Curković B, Santoković I, Bulajić A, Vučurović A, Krstić B (2013) First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus on gloxinia in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Plant Disease 97(3), p 429.