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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2013 Num. article: 2013/053

First report of Bactrocera zonata in Sudan

In July 2011, Bactrocera zonata (Diptera: Tephritidae – EPPO A1 List) was detected for the first time in Sudan. The pest was trapped in 3 locations in Wad Medani (Gezira state). Since this initial finding, a trapping programme has been implemented to monitor the presence and abundance of B. zonata in Wad Medani, Elkamlin (both in Gezira state) and Singa (Sinnar State). This survey confirmed the presence of B. zonata in Wad Medani, as well as in Singa and Elkamlin. In Wad Medani, it was caught in all trapping sites. In Singa and Elkamlin, it was caught in smaller numbers and only in 2 and 1 trapping sites, respectively. During this trapping programme, another fruit fly, B. invadens, was also caught.
The situation of Bactrocera zonata in Sudan can be described as follows: Present, first found in 2011, caught in the states of Gezira and Sinnar.


Salah FEE, Abdelgader H, de Villiers M (2012) The occurrence of the peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata (Saunders) (Tephritidae) in Sudan. Abstract of a paper presented at the TEAM 2nd International Meeting ‘Biological invasions of Tephritidae ecological and economic impacts’ (Kolymbari, Crete (GR), 2012-07-03/06) p 128. http://www.teamfly2012.com/public/conferences/1/schedConfs/1/abstract_book_2nd_team_meeting.pdf