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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/170

First report of Plum pox virus on Prunus avium in Poland

The NPPO of Poland recently informed the EPPO Secretariat about the first record of Plum pox virus (Potyvirus, PPV - EPPO A2 List) on cherry (Prunus avium) on its territory. Until now in Poland, PPV was detected only in plum (Prunus domestica) and peach (P. persica) trees. In 2012, PPV was found on P. avium plants in a nursery in Warmińsko (Mazurskie voivodship in Northeastern Poland). Leaf samples were collected from plants showing suspicious symptoms and tested in the laboratory. Molecular tests (IC-RT-PCR) confirmed the presence of PPV. Appropriate quarantine measures were undertaken in the infected place of production. Furthermore, inspections for PPV will continue at national level.


NPPO of Poland (2012-08).