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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/165

Xylella fastidiosa detected in a containment facility in France

In April 2012, Xylella fastidiosa (EPPO A1 List) was identified on Coffea spp. plants kept under confinement by a breeding company which regularly imports plant cuttings, in particular from South America where the bacterium is known to occur. The bacterium was detected during tests carried out at the initiative of the breeding company itself. 84 samples collected from 84 plants had been sent to a private laboratory. Out of the 84 samples, 5 tested positive by ELISA. These positive samples were tested by PCR for confirmation by the French official reference laboratory. The presence of X. fastidiosa was confirmed in 1 sample. The French NPPO then collected additional samples from 20 plants and the presence of the bacterium was finally confirmed in 3 plants. Strict eradication measures were taken: all 84 plants kept in the containment facility were destroyed, the premises were disinfected, visual inspections and tests (of asymptomatic plants) were conducted in all glasshouses of the breeding company, and the infrastructures of the containment facility were audited. No further detections of the bacterium were made on the premises of this breeding company. In June 2012, the NPPO considered that the bacterium has successfully been eradicated. It is also underlined that this detection should not be interpreted as an outbreak, as X. fastidiosa was only detected on Coffea plants imported for scientific purposes and kept under confinement. Finally, the NPPO noted that earlier interceptions of X. fastidiosa have been made on plant material imported for scientific purposes (in the framework of EU Directive 2008/61) and kept in the French quarantine station, and that an express PRA on X. fastidiosa is currently being carried out.
The pest status of Xylella fastidiosa in France is officially declared as: Absent, intercepted only.


NPPO of France (2012-07).