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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2002 Num. article: 2002/130

Phytosanitary measures against Monilinia fructicola in France

After the discovery of Monilinia fructicola (EPPO A1 quarantine pest) in southern France (see EPPO RS 2002/003), phytosanitary measures were decided. A compulsory control programme is applied over the whole country and concerns host plants of M. fructicola (almond, apricot, cherry, peach, plum). In commercial orchards: prophylactic action is taken to reduce infection as much as possible, fungicide treatments are applied following the advice given by warning services, after harvest all remaining fruits are destroyed, and harvesting machinery is disinfested. In packing stations: a general disinfection is done at the beginning of the season, all rejected fruits are destroyed as soon as possible. In orchards producing scions (certified or not): production of fruits is limited (strict thinning), after harvest all remaining fruits are eliminated, scions should be free from cankers. If scions are taken from other places, this should be reported to the official authorities a month in advance, and authorization is given only if conditions required for commercial orchards are met and symptoms absent. In nurseries producing young plants: fungicide treatments are applied at the beginning of the season and in autumn (leaf fall).


Adminet – Journal Officiel (France). Arrêté du 3 avril 2002 relatif à la lutte contre Monilia fructicola, champignon parasite en vergers.