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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2002 Num. article: 2002/097

Biotypes of Bemisia tabaci

In a review paper, T.M. Perring (2001) presents current knowledge about the Bemisia tabaci species complex (EPPO A2 quarantine pest). So far, 41 distinct populations of B. tabaci have been studied, among them 24 have been given a specific biotype designation (the remaining 17 were not labelled). 20 of these biotypes were identified by using non-specific esterase band patterns. A review of the work done comparing populations from various geographic locations, using a variety of techniques (mating experiments, allozymes, mitochondrial 15S and COI, ribosomal ITS1 genes), led to the conclusion that seven groups could be distinguished.
Group 1: New World (biotypes A,C,N,R)
Group 2: Cosmopolitan B biotype (also referred to as B. argentifolii), and B2
Group 3: Benin (E), Spain (S)
Group 4: India (H)
Group 5: Sudan (L), Egypt (?), Spain (Q), Nigeria (J)
Group 6: Turkey (H), Hainan in China (?), Korea (?)
Group 7: Australia (AN)
It is noted that studies on the biology of these groups, and in particular virus transmission, are of primary importance but that so far, only a limited amount of work has been done. Considering the lack of reliability of nymphal morphology, it is also suggested that a re-evaluation of adult morphology of B. tabaci might provide characters to distinguish between variants.


Perring, T.M. (2001) The Bemisia tabaci species complex.
Crop Protection, 20(9), 725-737.