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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2002 Num. article: 2002/095

First report of Aonidiella citrina in France

Aonidiella citrina (EU Annexes) has recently been found in the south of France (Alpes Maritimes). The first specimen was caught near Menton in an orchard, on an orange tree (Citrus sinensis), at the end of 2001. Another mandarin tree (C. reticulata) located in its immediate vicinity was also infected. Citrus samples taken from various locations in Menton carried the pest. In addition, A. citrina was identified on a Citrus aurantium tree in a private garden in Antibes. It is suspected that A. citrina was introduced into France some years ago but its origin is not known. Its presence remained unnoticed probably because of its possible confusion with A. aurantii and the low level of damage. In addition, treatments against other scales (e.g. A. aurantii) are already applied, and natural enemies are also controlling pest populations. As in Italy, A. citrina is considered as a minor pest of citrus. Nevertheless, it was felt useful that further surveys should be carried out to delimitate the extent of A. citrina in the south of France. The situation of A. citrina in France can be described as follows. Present, found (at the end of 2001) only in the south near Antibes and Menton (Côte d’Azur).


Germain, J.F., Bertaux, F. (2002) Aonidiella citrina maintenant présente en France. Cette nouvelle espèce de cochenille a été identifiée sur oranger et mandarinier sur la Côte d’Azur.
Phytoma – La Défense des Végétaux, no. 550, 49-51.