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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2003 Num. article: 2003/142

First report of Diabrotica virgifera in the Netherlands

On 14 August 2003, 2 adult specimens of Diabrotica virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae – EPPO A2 list) were trapped in a maize field near Schiphol Airport. This is the first report of this pest in the Netherlands. A quarantine area of 1 km radius around the field where the 2 adults were found was demarcated immediately after the finding. The organism was found in an urban area. Three maize fields (in total 6 ha) are present in the quarantine area. A regulation for Diabrotica was drawn up and was published in the official journal. The regulation follows the control measures described in the EU Commission proposal to eradicate the organism. In the quarantine area, the three maize fields were treated with the insecticide deltamethrin on the 18th of August. The treatment was repeated after 2 weeks. The other measures described in the Commission proposal will also be imposed. A crop rotation whereby maize is grown only once during any period of 3 consecutive years will be put into force. A buffer zone of 5 km radius around the fields of capture has been demarcated. In this zone, a crop rotation of 1 maize crop in 2 years has been imposed. In both the quarantine area and the buffer zone, monitoring will be intensified immediately.
The declared status of D. virgifera in the Netherlands is: Few specimens trapped near Schiphol Airport, under eradication.


Web site of Plantenziektenkundige Dienst - Press release of  2003-08-15.
Diabrotica aangetroffen nabij Schiphol

NPPO of the Netherlands, 2003-11.