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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2003 Num. article: 2003/126

New version of PQR

PQR is the EPPO database on geographical distribution and host plants of quarantine pests, and a new version (version 4.2) has just been released.
Compared to the previous version, the data has been updated in accordance with the EPPO Reporting Service and new CABI maps published until 2003-05. Further information has been added on pests of the EPPO Alert List, and on invasive species. In particular, PQR version 4.2 has been restructured to contain information on invasive plants. The present data set is preliminary. Information is available only on the plant species, and on the countries for which they are said to be invasive (taken from the literature). The invasive plants appear only in the full pest data set, and are listed in green. In line with EPPO's developing programme on invasive species, it is planned to add data on degree of invasiveness, geographical distribution, and official concern or regulation. Some invasive species may also, already, be quarantine pests in PQR.
PQR is provided on a CD-Rom for single users. It runs under Microsoft Windows and once installed, it occupies about 50 Mb.

PQR version 4.2 can be ordered from the EPPO Secretariat at a price of 100 EUR.
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