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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2003 Num. article: 2003/107

Detection method for Pepino mosaic potexvirus

A molecular method (IC-RT-PCR) has been developed in Spain for the detection of Pepino mosaic potexvirus (EPPO Alert List), at a time when no data was available on its genome sequence and when no commercial antibodies were available. At first, degenerate primers for potexviruses were used, as well as antibodies against double-stranded RNA in the initial amplifications. During the work, fragments of the virus genome were sequenced and specific primers could be designed. In addition, specific antibodies became commercially available in 2000 and could be used. The method which was finally developed allowed rapid and specific detection of Pepino mosaic potexvirus in plant samples.


Mansilla, C.; Sánchez, F.; Ponz, F. (2003) The diagnosis of the tomato variant of pepino mosaic virus: an IC-RT-PCR approach.
European Journal of Plant Pathology, 109(2), 139-146.