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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/152

Management of Lagarosiphon major in the Salagou lake (FR)

Following the first record of the invasive alien aquatic plant Lagarosiphon major (Hydrocharitaceae, EPPO List of Invasive Alien Plants) in the Salagou lake (Hérault department, Southern France) by the association ‘Mattoral’, manual removal experiments of this species took place in November 2010. In 2011, wider management measures were undertaken, with a budget of 15 000 EUR, but as the species was then present along all the lake shores at a depth of 0 to 5 meters, eradication was no longer considered feasible.
The Hérault department is now coordinating the management of L. major, aiming to:
  • Acquire better knowledge of the species, its biology and its impacts;
  • Map the distribution and density of the species in the Salagou lake;
  • Identify short and medium term management measures.
A budget of 18 750 EUR has been made available for the tasks quoted above, and further studies and actions shall be undertaken with a budget of 25 100 EUR.


Conseil Général de l’Hérault (2011) Réunion de la Commission Permanente. Lundi 12 décembre 2011. RAA n° 29 – Exercice 2011. 89 p.

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