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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/130

EPPO/NEPPO Workshop on Surveillance (Alger, 2012-09-18/20)

EPPO and NEPPO (Near East Plant Protection Organization) will organize an international Workshop on Surveillance on 2012-09-18/20 in Alger. ISPM 6 ‘Guidelines for surveillance’ describes the components of survey and monitoring systems for the purpose of pest detection and the supply of information for use in pest risk analyses, the establishment of pest free areas and, where appropriate, the preparation of pest lists. The aim of this Workshop will be to exchange practical experience on how surveillance is performed in countries within the EPPO and NEPPO region.

The Workshop will include presentations of ISPM 6, ISPM 4 Requirements for the establishment of pest free areas, ISPM 8 Determination of pest status in an area as well as relevant EPPO Standards. Countries’ experiences will also be presented and case studies on specific pests will be conducted in small groups. Presentations will focus on surveillance for the following crops: potato, and vegetable crops (in particular tomato), fruit trees (in particular Citrus), ornamental palms. A technical visit will also be organized.

This Workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences on surveillance and pest reporting.

Participants can register online until 2012-07-31. For more information, consult the EPPO webpage:


EPPO Secretariat (2012-06).