EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/103

First report of Plasmopara obducens in Serbia

In May 2010, symptoms resembling those of downy mildew were observed on Impatiens walleriana plants in a glasshouse near Mionica (Kolubarski district), in Serbia. Affected plants were severely stunted with mild mottling and yellowing on the upper leaf surface. The lower leaf surface was completely covered with a thick white fungus-like growth. Symptomatic leaves wilted very rapidly and fell prematurely, leaving plants with only a few of the youngest leaves and poorly (if any) developed flowers. Disease incidence was very high (nearly 100%), resulting in losses of more than 90%. Laboratory analysis (morphology, PCR, pathogenicity tests) confirmed the presence of Plasmopara obducens (formerly EPPO Alert List) in diseased plants. This is the first time that P. obducens is reported from Serbia. It is concluded that surveys are needed to determine the distribution and incidence of P. obducens on impatiens which is one of the most popular ornamentals in Serbia.


Bulajić A, Vučurović A, Stanković I, Ristić D, Jović J, Stojković B, Krstić B (2011) First report of Plasmopara obducens on Impatiens walleriana in Serbia. Plant Disease 95(4), p 490.