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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/099

First report of Tomato chlorosis virus in Sudan

In March 2011, symptoms resembling those of Tomato chlorosis virus and Tomato infectious chlorosis virus (both Crinivirus, ToCV and TICV - EPPO A2 List) were observed in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum cv. ‘Castle Rock’) in 3 adjacent glasshouses of the Agricultural Research Cooperation at Wad Medani (Gezira state), Sudan. The presence of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae – EPPO A2 List) was also observed in these glasshouses. Leaf samples were collected from symptomatic plants and tested in the laboratory (dot-blot hybridization, RT-PCR, sequencing). The presence of ToCV was confirmed in diseased tomato plants. This is the first time that ToCV is reported from Sudan. It is also noted that yellowing symptoms have been sporadically observed during the last few years in open-field tomato crops in the state of Gezira. However, further studies are needed to determine the prevalence and economic impact of ToCV in tomato crops in Sudan.
The situation of Tomato chlorosis virus in Sudan can be described as follows: Present, first found in 2011 in glasshouse tomatoes (3 glasshouses of a research station), Gezira state.


Fiallo-Olivé E, Hamed AA, Moriones E, Navas-Castillo J (2011) First report of Tomato chlorosis virus infecting tomato in Sudan. Plant Disease 95(2), p 1592