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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/082

First record of Euphorbia davidii in Hungary

Euphorbia davidii (Euphorbiaceae) was found for the first time in Hungary in a maize field in Igar (Fejér county) in late August 2011 and was initially confused with E. dentata. The species is thought to have entered Hungary as a contaminant of maize seeds. E. davidii is native to South America and is widely distributed in the USA. Within the EPPO region, E. davidii is recorded in Ukraine (since 1995), in Italy (since 1995), in France (since 1997) and in Bulgaria (since 2009).
Hungary will monitor E. davidii in order to assess its invasive behavior. Studies will be undertaken on its distribution in Hungary, its potential spread from the site where it has been recorded (including potential spread to nature conservation areas), and management measures in crops.
Euphorbia davidii has also been found in France in 1997 in a vineyard in the Gard department, and was also initially misidentified as E. dentata. In France, E. davidii is currently reported to occur along roadsides and in agricultural fields of maize, soybean and grapevine. A French Weed Risk Analysis highlighted the potential of this species to become a common arable weed in vineyard, orchards and summer sown crops, in a wide range of soil conditions.


Ministry of Rural Development of Hungary, Department of Food Chain Control (2012-04-12).

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