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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/076

First report of Pepino mosaic virus in Greece

In spring 2010, mosaic symptoms were observed on leaves of cherry tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme – hybrid cultivars ‘Shiren’, ‘Tomito’, ‘Rubino top’) grown under glasshouse in the areas of Drymos and Vonitsa (Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture) in Greece. In total, 63 symptomatic samples were collected from 11 glasshouses where the disease incidence ranged from 10 to 20%. Results of laboratory analysis (DAS-ELISA) showed that 53 samples were infected by Pepino mosaic virus (Potexvirus, PepMV - EPPO Alert List), and 2 were co-infected by PepMV and Cucumber mosaic virus. The identity of PepMV was confirmed in 5 samples by molecular tests (conventional and real time RT-PCR, sequencing). This is the first time that PepMV is reported from Greece. Phytosanitary measures were taken to prevent any further spread of PepMV in Greece.
The situation of Pepino mosaic virus in Greece can be described as follows: Present, first found in 2010 in glasshouse tomatoes in the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture, under official control.


Efthimiou KE, Gatsios AP, Aretakis KC, Papayiannis LC, Katis NI, (2011) First report of Pepino mosaic virus infecting greenhouse cherry tomatoes in Greece. Plant Disease 95(1), p 78.