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EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2012 Num. article: 2012/031

First report of Aproceros leucopoda in Slovenia

In Slovenia, the presence of the zigzag elm sawfly, Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae – EPPO Alert List) was reported for the first time in September 2011. Signs of infestation (zigzag feeding tracks) were discovered in Rožna Dolina near Nova Gorica. At the beginning of October larval feeding symptoms were also observed in the Arboretum of Volčji Potok (Radomlje, near Ljubljana) and in the Botanical garden in Ljubljana. The majority of the infested trees were Ulmus minor (field elms), but infestation was also observed on a few U. glabra (Wych elms). This is the first time that A. leucopoda is reported in Slovenia.
The situation of Aproceros leucopoda in Slovenia can be described as follows: Present, first observed in 2011 near Nova Gorica and Ljubljana.


de Groot M, Hauptman T, Seljak G (2012) [The first record of the invasive ;‘zigzag’ sawfly, Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae) in Slovenia]. Gozdarski vestnik 70(1), 3-7 (in Slovene).